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Student Payment Plans

Tuition plans are available at the time of registration into a class. HADM classes are based on open enrollment, if you are joining mid-semester you are required to order and pay for costume at the time of registration.  

  • Auto-Pay – Due Monthly on 1st, 5th or 10th 
  • 10 Post Marked Check- Marked Monthly for deposit on 1st, 5th or 10th
    • Post-marked checks must be submitted upon registration with each check completely filled out. If you withdraw your child (in writing) the remaining checks will be voided or returned.
  • 3-Month Payment Plan-September 10th, December 10th, March 10th  Final Payment June 1st 

Payments are required for each month, whether students attend class or not. If a student is hospitalized, HADM will stop payment for that period of time.  

Note: If your credit/debit card/check declines consecutively, you will be removed from payment option and outstanding balance is due prior to returning to class.