Rules & Policies

Dance Attire

All students must wear the appropriate attire for each class. Hip-hop sneakers, tap shoes, Pointe and ballet shoes are not optional. Please do not enter class with outside footwear - nor should you wear your dance shoes outside.

Attendance & Tardiness

We encourage our students to attend all classes so they can maximize their growth as a dancer/performer. Emergencies are of course excusable but four missed classes prior to a performance will omit the student from that dance...and yes they are still expected to attend class. Recital time is very important to the entire class, however, we do not omit children from the entire dance for missed classes but we do ask that you take the entire class into consideration when your child misses class. If she or he misses an entire section they will not be included in that section of the dance.Excessive tardiness is unacceptable - 15 minute rule will be strictly enforced. After 15 minutes your child will be expected to watch and not participate due to safety issues concerning a proper warm -up.

Rates: $50 for the first Class - $35 for each additional Classc

Sibling Rates: 35% Discount


Auto - Pay - 3 Months - Credit

Tuition will be paid through Auto Pay - Parents have three optional dates to have tuition debited from their account. The options are 1st -5th -10th. If your child has decided to discontinue class you must submit a withdrawal, in writing, two weeks prior to your next payment.