Dance Attire

    Ballet& Pointe
  • 3-5 year old --- Ballet Class --- Pink skirted Leotard with Pink tights – Ballet shoes
  • 6 - Older--Ballet --- Black Leotard with Ballet Pink Tights / Skirt Optional–Ballet Shoes
  • Boys –Black or White Tee - Shirt –Black shorts
    Jazz& Tap
  • Black Leotard with Suntan or Black Tights
  • Jazz/Tap shoes are Mandatory
  • Black Leotard & Black or Suntan Tights (Convertible)
  • Black Leotard & Black Fitted Dance Pants (Teens)
    Multicultural, Brown Sugar,
  • All Black Dance attire – Leggings, Leotards, Dance Tanks –No Loose Attire
    Brown Sugar II, Competition II, Multi – Comp
  • Black Leotard and Tights
    Lyrical, Contemporary, Modern
  • Black, or Dark Colored Unitard preferred or black leotard and tights
  • Girls -Studio Uniform
  • Boys – Studio Uniform
  • Hip-hop sneakers are Mandatory/No Outside shoes on studio floor
  • Boys - White Tee Shirt and Black Shorts
  • Girls - All Black dance attire

All Competition & Performing Groups

The rules, policies, and requirements differ from regular classes. Please keep in mind that these students are expected to be leaders at all times, negative behavior will not be tolerated. These teams perform on a mandatory basis at various events throughout the entire calendar year in and around the tri-state area. It is expected that you will be available to perform with the unit as needed. All students must follow the rules stated in the handbook.

  • All students are expected to work hard and follow directions.
  • Students must maintain discipline during all performances and parades, which include no talking, frowning, waving, or stepping out of line.
  • Uniforms must be immaculate and complete. Please make sure to launder or dry clean and press if necessary.
  • Students with incomplete uniforms will not perform
  • Students cannot miss classes prior to a performance and still expect to perform.
  • All participants must also participate in a technical class such as Ballet, Jazz, or Modern.
  • These classes are also expected to purchase uniformed attire for performances & competitions. Fundraisers for packages/uniformed attire/bags etc. will be available. The following is a tentative list of Competitions. Some classes will compete more than others at the directors/teachers discretion.
  • Turn it Up Dance Challenge – Mystic, Ct . Nov. 16th
  • Star Systems – January 30 – Feb 1 Hartford, Ct.
  • Star Bound - February 13 – 14th Danbury, Ct.
  • Groove Competition – February 20-22 East Haven CT
  • Step up 2 Dance - March 7 – 8th Southbury
  • American Dance Awards – March 13 – 15 New Haven, Ct.
  • Beyond the Stars - April 10 – 12 Bridgeport, CT.
  • Showstoppers – April 24 – 26 Hartford, Ct.
  • Dancers Inc. – May 1-3
  • That’s Entertainment - May 16-17 Atlantic City
Director- Lia Davila
Parent Liaison- Joy Conyers